Date: Wed, 20 Dec 1995 17:24:28 -0500

From: "Dennis R. Preston" preston[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]PILOT.MSU.EDU

Subject: Re: Gutters

They are indeed chiefly South Midlands (as I am). The 'lead trough' (which

I had forgot) is indeed so named becuase it leads into the downspout.

Dennis (Old-timer) Preston


DARE Vol III will have an entry for 'lead trough,' with variants 'lead,'

'lead-off trough,' and 'lead pipe." We have quotes from 1902 DN 2.238, 1904

DN 2.382, 1906 DN 3.120, 1907 DN 3.223, c1960 Wilson Collection, 1966 Dakin

Dial. Vocab. Ohio R. Valley 2.59, 6 DARE Infs (4 from KY), and 1 TX inf

from LAGS. We're labelling it "chiefly S Midl." Presumably these lead the

water to the downspout.

Joan Hall