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Subject: New word of the year (eponym division)

I picked this up off a computer humor mailing list, and thought I'd pass

it along. Unfortunately, there are enough people doing this that the

verb "to fuhrman" may be needed.

Vicki Rosenzweig

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New York, NY

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At 1:01 AM 12/08/95, t byfield wrote:

I invented a new word yesterday and thought I would share it with you.

somnblabulist - someone who talks in his or her sleep

From which, I, being the King of My New Word, derive the following:

blabule - primary unit of blab

I like the 'blabule', but could you please tell us the pronounciation

of the first word? I hardly ever use words I can't say after 3 beers :-)

[Being able to coin new words is one of the 4 basic freedoms, along with

freedom of religion, the freedom of screwing the consenting adult of your

choice, and the freedom of choosing your own network provider.]

I also coined a word recently that I hope people will bring into

common usage (not invented... we can't really invent words

because the nature of words is that they define existing concepts

that need the benefit of convenient shorthand descriptions).

The word is "to fuhrman" (v.) and is derived from the name of

LAPD All-star detective Mark Fuhrman. To fuhrman is to exercise

racial prejudice or harrassment against mixed race couples, as in:

"We were fuhrmaned on the subway when this guy called my wife

a (ethnic_slur_of_choice) lover." The word is catching on and has

been used by several people besides myself in the soc.couples.intercultural


I got this idea from the Japanese using the name of ex-President

Bush as a verb root meaning "to vomit disgracefully".

Hmm... I wonder how many new words tristero folks can develop

based on their favorite well known personalities.