Date: Fri, 8 Dec 1995 01:16:33 -0500


Subject: non-linguistic thinking

I don't think all people need language in which to think. Case in point: I

think in a time-spatial manner. When remembering things, anything, I recall

it in the manner that I learned it in. When I think of the bones in the human

body and try to recall their names I remember the 5th grade classroom, my

teacher, what I was wearing, where I sat, etc. On top of that I recall the

emotions of the memory with the same impact as when they first occured.

Something that made me laugh or cry 10 years ago will do the same today.

When thinking of new or self conceived ideas I think of them as objects that

are hopeless interconnected to their environment. Yes there is some language

but it is totally immeshed in the whole idea, no one part is seperated. I

think it is extremely hard to use just language to communicate to others.

Consequentially, I sculpt, draw, write, program, be silent, watch and talk to

satisfy my need to communicate.

All said the past two day on ADS-L have been stimulating.