Date: Thu, 7 Dec 1995 09:02:12 EST

From: Terry Lynn Irons t.irons[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]MOREHEAD-ST.EDU

Subject: Re: [fle:g]

As someone who focuses on students learning to transcribe, I think the idea of

using the Pledge of Allegiance is a great idea. I'll try it.

You have observed change in the pronunciation of the vowel in flag, a change

representing raising of the low front vowel. What have you observed with the

low vowels in the three other instances, two "and"s and "stand". Of course, if

your students are like mine, they have trouble with vowels before nasals, but

has there been an noticeable pattern of raising here? It would be consistent

with a pattern of phonemic change, as distinct from a simple lexical change or





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