Date: Thu, 7 Dec 1995 00:01:19 -0500


Subject: Re: pop and soda

Rudy Troike said:

Virginia Clark's report on the demise of "tonic" is a devastating

blow (especially when coupled with the loss of "Chesterfield") to the

linguistic lore of all our American English courses.

Larry Horn wrote:

I grew up drinking "soda", and was nonplussed when I first encountered "pop"

and "soda pop" after leaving New York/Long Island for Raaach'st'r.

Would generic coke speakers ask for a Coke coke when they want to be

specific about what kind of coke they want?

This discussion brought to mind a recreational drug using New England law


probably a Yale student from Atlanta (where Co-cola was invented) who was so

cold he stopped reading Lord Coke long enough to sip a Coke, snort some coke

and shovel some coke into the boiler. Was he a dope? Did he drink a dope,

snort dope? Did he give himself a tonic? Is English a great language or what?