Date: Mon, 4 Dec 1995 14:02:00 EST

From: Electronic Products Magazine 0004276021[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]MCIMAIL.COM

Subject: So fun

A friend of mine who grew up in Napa, CA and Billings, MT used the

expression "so fun." She had also spent time in Chicago as a young

adult. I sounded odd to me, because I had always said, "So much fun"

in Ridgewood, Quuens, which is part of the so-called outer boroughs of

New York City. I got used to her expression. There's nothing

gramatically wrong with it: "so much fun" merely has an extra

adjective in the expression.

Leonard Schiefer lschiefer[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]

Chief Copy Editor

Electronic Products Magazine

Garden City, NY