Date: Mon, 4 Dec 1995 09:57:01 EST


Subject: Re: -head

When I moved to Wisconsin from Iowa and began teaching high school at

Verona (just outside of Madison) my 5th hour sophomore class took me

in hand. One afternoon, I said, "So, is there is anything else anyone

wants to say before we finish with Of Mice And Men" and the designated

spokesperson said, "Well, yes. There is." The whole class looked around

furtively, and then the speaker said, "Look, we like you a lot, but

you don't say the name of the state right and it's driving us crazy."

They then proceeded to try to get me to change my /kan/ for /k0n/ (open


But what I noticed then, and after, is Dennis Preston's observation:

wi-scon-sin [wI sk0n sIn~s[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]n].

I have since moved to Fort Wayne, IN, and now my students tell me I

sound "like a Minnesota Lutheran". If my parents knew, they would first

die and then roll in their graves.

beth simon