Date: Fri, 1 Dec 1995 14:17:40 -0500

From: Ronald Butters amspeech[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]ACPUB.DUKE.EDU

Subject: Re: -heads

Also another obvious one is SLEEPYHEAD (and surely there is a FUCKHEAD

somewhere in print).

But then -HEAD--especially in the sense of 'one who likes X' (cf. the

similar queeer-slang term -QUEEN)--can be suffixed to just about any noun

or adjective, so any "list" has to be pretty meaningless, unless it is

confined to opaque compounds (e.g., TOEHEAD) it seems to me.

On Thu, 30 Nov 1995, Jerry Miller wrote:

Uh, has anybody mentioned "lunkhead" yet (the fact that I don't remember if

anyone did probably qualifies me as one?)?

Jerry Miller