Date: Fri, 1 Dec 1995 09:58:40 -0600


Subject: the f-word

I was too busy to read many of your posts for a while, there, but I don't

recall seeing a reference to this new book by one of our own. The following

is an excerpt from a review by Susan Ellis in Endpapers, The Memphis Flyer

Literary Supplement (last week, I think). Just in time for Christmas!!

*The F-Word* is edited by Jesse Sheidlower, who is a dictionary editor at

Random House and who in 1995 was named one of the 100 smartest people in New

York City by *New YOrk* magazine. Sheidlower's arrangement of *The F-Word* is

thus very business-like, containing entries starting with "absofuckinglutely"

and drawing to a close with "tit-fuck". Each entry includes the word's source

(most of the f-word variations come from the military), a definition, the date

of first recorded use (the earliest known appearnace in English of the word

"fuck" is 1475), and a sentence demonstrating proper usage.... There is also a

guide to f-words in other languages (the Italian "va fare in culo" translates

as "fuck off" and lterally means "go in the ass").

Wonder how many newspapers reviewed this one? Keep in mind this same newspaper

a couple of weeks ago had a cover illustration of a daVinci-esque drawing of a

human body with a crucifix superimposed over the genital area, so I guess

they've got plenty of the b-word. Congrats, Jesse.

Ellen Johnson