Date: Thu, 22 Dec 1994 22:25:20 -0600


Subject: LSA, NWAV, MLA, etc.

I want to add one more voice in support of Dennis Preston's arguments

for holding ADS meetings with LSA. Like Peter Patrick, I have never

attended MLA and have no attention of doing so. I do attend NWAV

regularly and find it the most important conference of the year. I agree

that the generally loose structure of NWAV, however, does not seem to

have a place for ADS to run its own program. Many of the ADS members

participating in NWAV are already on the regular program in any case.

That leaves LSA, which offers far more on the program than MLA is ever

likely to have, especially since the Society for Pidgin and Creole

Linguistics meets regularly with LSA.

As to Bill's suggestion that ADS hold its own meeting separate from

either MLA or LSA -- one more meeting is too much to handle in these

days of very reduced travel budgets.

-Bob Bayley

Division of Bicultural-Bilingual Studies

University of Texas at San Antonio

San Antonio, TX 78249-0653

email: rbayley[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]