Date: Wed, 21 Dec 1994 22:17:57 -0500

From: "William A. Kretzschmar, Jr." billk[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]ATLAS.UGA.EDU

Subject: Re: Where o where? --- NWAV(E)

I have been a regular attender of NWAV since 1989, not so long as some

but long enough. As for Peter Patrick, NWAV is a must on my schedule

along with ADS. I just cannot recommend hooking our annual meeting to

it, however, because of the way the conference is scheduled. An ADS

presence at NWAV is wonderful, but I think we would end up frustrated if

the annual meeting were locked up with something as organizationally

chimeric as NWAV. And that's part of NWAV's cache, its informality

(though at Stanford it was stunningly well-organized informality), so I

wouldn't even suggest that that could or should be different.

Regards, Bill


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