Date: 12/13/94 6:20 PM

Subject: Holiday Giving

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Want to do a kind thing for some hungry kids this holiday season?

If not, press delete now. If you have a heart and a minute, read on.

Sun Microsystems is donating $0.10 to a food bank each time an Internet

user sends an email msg to any (or all) of the three addresses below:




Doesn't matter what the msg contains; it could be an empty msg, full of

invisible holiday spirit. Pick your favorite and send email there a few

times. If *everyone* on the net were to BCC all three addresses with every

msg they posted to a list for one day, the counter would top out almost

instantly, so this is like a weird and wonderful test of Mass Human Kindness.

You can do your part to help big fat international corporations make

good on their Promises of donations to charities. It only takes 250,000

msgs to reach the $25,000 Sun promised to donate to a Bay Area food bank

for homeless families. Other corporations are donating to selected causes,

including a banking firm in Washington DC that will donate up to $5,000 to

the Chesapeake Wildlife Heritage (only 50,000'l baby

birdies...furry baby rabbits... c'MON now! :)

Other corporations are participating too: any firms wishing to add matching

funds should contact Luther Brown at elfmaster[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] . The

announcement's in the Dec 94 Advanced Systems magazine (pg 22). Who knows,

someday you might see companies all across the globe donating part of their

obscene profits to children's charities in Sarajevo, San Francisco, Manila,

Mogadishu, Bombay, Moscow, Port-au-Prince, Bucharest, Shanghai, Rio de

Janeiro... everywhere Santa stops in.

Remember: any user can send multiple msgs, so please be counted at least

_once_, OK? There are not many such opportunities to directly affect

something with your computer, and it doesn't take the Compassion of

Siddhartha to see what's good about putting food in the mouths of little

children with no home, wherever they are.