Date: Sun, 4 Dec 1994 17:29:33 -0500


Subject: Sweet home Chicago '95

To members and friends of the American Dialect Society:

In December 1995, as previously determined, ADS holds its annual meeting with

MLA in Chicago. (Perhaps that'll be the last meeting with MLA, but that's

another story.)

As usual, I'm talking with hotels that are interested in hosting us (and the

Name Society). One of them is the Barclay, where we stayed in 1990.

Happily, the B. is just starting a 6-month, $5 million rehabilitation - new

carpets, wallpaper, drapes; reupholstered furniture; microwave ovens and

coffee pots for the kitchens; a fitness center on the top floor, etc. - so

it'll be in sparkling shape in December '95.

We would once again get real suites, with full breakfast (now including hot

items) included, at a rate only $10 more than five years earlier.

For those of you who were there in 1990, I have a question: Did you like the

Barclay? Would you like to go back?

I do have other possibilities, so this is not an idle question. But if you

have an opinion, let me know soon. I'd like to make a deal in time to

announce it at this year's annual meeting.

Thanks - Allan Metcalf AAllan[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]