Date: Fri, 2 Dec 1994 08:03:08 -0800

From: "CAVEMAN -- San Bernardino, Calif. USA" cjcoker[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]CSUPOMONA.EDU

Subject: SoCal Freeways, Part II

Larry Horn briefly mentions freeways without names, that is, they only

have numbers. A perfect, but dumb, in my opinon, example of this is

California State Highway 259. How many people out there have ever travelled

on the 259? Can anybody even find it on a map? (Hint: it's in San

Bernardino, California, north end of town.) Okay, you can put away the

road maps, now, it's not on the map. The 259 is the connector road from

the northbound Interstate 215 to the eastbound State Highway 30. The 259

is probably all of 1/4 mile in length. Giving a connector road status as

a state highway defies all logic in my opinion -- sort of like Interstate

H-3 on Oahu, Hawaii (we used Interstate H-3 for drag racing in the 70s --

it was so short that there was never any traffic on it). BTW, why are there

Interstate Highways in Hawaii -- you can't even have Intra-state Highways


Chuck Coker

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