Date: Wed, 8 Dec 1993 10:42:03 +0100


Subject: Re: The /x/ sounds in Scots and Dutch

Rudy Troike wrote:

Calling all phoneticians--

The [x] (NOT /x/) in loch and geen SHOULDN'T be the same, given

the difference in phonetic environment, even if they were in the same language.

Cf. the [k]'s in lock and keep (ignoring the aspiration), both /k/.

--Rudy Troike

You're right. I stand corrected on that one.

As for using slashes instead brackets, I did that only because the ASCII

positions of these brackets are used for two of the letters of the Swedish

alphabet and show up as these letters on my screen. I am aware that I

should use brackets, and that not doing so is culturally arrogant in this

context. Sorry...

John Kirk asks:

Hans Vappula talks about [x] in INITIAL position in Scots. Could he

give us some examples, please?


The Queen's University of Belfast

No, I'm afraid I can't. As has been pointed out to me by Rudy, see above,

the two sounds aren't even the same. Until proven otherwise, I assume there

are no such examples. Please accept my apologies for having confused



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