Date: Wed, 8 Dec 1993 08:26:27 +0100


Subject: The /x/ sounds in Scots and Dutch

Robert Kelly says, on the /x/ sounds in Scots and Dutch:

sound lost in initial position in Scots, to be clearer.

the g's in Dutch geen and Dutch gracht

and to my ear in Scotland, the loch is less affricated.

But we hear what we want to hear.


You're right, there _is_ a difference, even to my ear.

I'm not exactly a fluent speaker of Dutch :-), so I can't say how big it is.

But it's there - though I find the ch in loch and g in geen to be pretty

close to each other, but, as you point out, they're not quite the same.

Although they of course could be for _some_ bilingual speakers of

Scots/Dutch (an analogy to the earlier pin/pen debate here).


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