Date: Sat, 4 Dec 1993 20:52:34 -0700


Subject: Re: some U.S. "Midland" regionalisms?


I'm responding on the net for convenience, re your queries.

1. "I've been wanting one for a long time" (with or without velar)

sounds perfectly normal and standard for me, and tends to emphasize the

presentness a bit more, such as when a gift is presented. "I've wanted one

for a long time" might be followed by "but I know I'll never get it." I think

either would be possible and standard in Texas.

"Are you wanting an appointment next Friday" may remind of the Irish or

Scottish "Is it an appointment next Friday you'll be wanting?", but I would

take it as a not unusual informal usage carrying a bit more of politeness than

the rather blunter "Do you want an appointment next Friday?".

2. Sorry, I don't know the paper, but "The cat wants in/out" would be

perfectly normal to this South Texan; our cat, however, never goes out, and

hence cannot ever want in.

3. "The car needs washed" indeed sounds more German to me; I don't know

of any Scotch-Irish evidence. In Texas, I think one would ordinarily say "The

car needs washING" -- maybe this is the general norm. However, I could say

"This car needs TO BE washED", perhaps more as a directive than an observation.

--Rudy Troike