Date: Sat, 4 Dec 1993 19:10:01 -0600


Subject: some U.S. "Midland" regionalisms?

Query 1: In west central Illinois, I hear the following use

of progressive aspect with "want" which seems unusual:

I've been wantin' one of those for a long time.

Are you wantin' an appointment next Friday?


I would expect to hear "I've wanted" and "Do you want."

Are these regionalisms? Have you heard anything like it/them,

and if so, where? (People who use these forms are likely to use

other well-known "Midland" markers, including warsh/warshington.

Query 2. Somewhere is a paper in which Kurath's attribution to

elliptical structures like "the cat wants in" to Pa. German infl.

is challenged. The author suggests Gaelic (demographically, Scotch-

Irish) influence instead. Where did I see this?

Query 3. The distribution of constructions like "the car needs washed"

or "the grass needs mowed" seem to originate in areas Kurath called

"Midland." In Illinois the areas where this from is accepted seem

to recall the old Northern-Midland division. Has anyone sen evidence that

NEEDS + V + -ED is associated with the Scotch-Irish?

Tim Frazer