Date: Fri, 3 Dec 1993 22:16:07 -0800

From: Donald Livingston deljr[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]U.WASHINGTON.EDU

Subject: Re: Help with Russian accents

Dear Mr Paine,

There are quite a few works that deal with the details of Russian

stress in phenomenal detail. Check your library for Udarenie_v_

sovremennom_russkom_jazyke by N. A. Fedjanina (Izdatel'stvo "Russikij

jazyk"). Said book notes not only pretty well all the stress patterns of

the Russian noun, but also notes the number of nouns that fall into those


For some of us aspiring linguists out here, your question about how to

represent stress information in a computer program immediately brings to

mind the question of how that information is stored in the Lexicon of the

human brain. There are number of articles available that attempt to

break down the complex pattern of Russian nominal stress into a few

simple principles. If you're interested in references, drop me a line.

Two of them I can think of might lend themselves to codable algorithms.

All the best, Don.