Date: Fri, 29 Aug 1997 14:14:07 +0900 From: Daniel Long Subject: Re: fall/autumn Dan Goodman wrote: > I can't recall _ever_ reading or hearing "fall" defined as including > December, in the US. > It may be relevant that I grew up in the Hudson Valley, and currently > live in Minneapolis. However, I've also lived in Los Angeles. Oops. Thanks for the comment/correction. Actually a more relevant fact than your upbringing here is that I am careless typist. The OED had said "Sept to Nov" and that is what I meant to agree with in my posting. Nope. I agree, Dec isn't part of fall where I'm from (Tennessee) either. Danny Long -- Daniel Long, Associate Professor NEW tel +81-6-723-8297 Japanese Language Research Center NEW fax +81-6-723-8302 Osaka Shoin Women's College dlong[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] 4-2-26 Hishiyanishi Higashi-Osaka-shi, Osaka Japan 577