Date: Thu, 28 Aug 1997 18:03:53 -0400 From: Margaret Ronkin Subject: Queries: _Am. Tongues_ & Slang I'm one of a few Introduction to Language instructors at Georgetown who's heard that USIA put out a short version of _American Tongues_. I'd be grateful to know how we could borrow a copy of this version of the film, since the original is too long for in-class use. We're also thinking of having 50-75 first-year students produce a dictionary of Georgetown slang. I'd be grateful for information on good recent college slang dictionary projects besides UCLA's _Slang 3_ and - for how-to tips - the opportunity to correspond with anyone who's recently done a similar project with undergraduates. Many thanks. Maggie Ronkin ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~ Maggie Ronkin / Georgetown University / ronkinm[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~