Date: Thu, 28 Aug 1997 11:55:31 +0000 From: Lynne Murphy Subject: autumn Daniel Long wrote: > For "fall", does this mean that "fall" is rare EVEN in literary use in > the UK, and thus not used in conversational speech? i'll throw in some info from UK english's closer cousin, south african english. the only time i heard 'fall' was when people said 'as you americans say, "fall"...' > For "autumn", I agree with what they say it being from Sept to Dec in > North America. Does it indeed start in August in UK usage? Any > insights, opinions? i think of autumn as sept to november. (the calendar says december, but it's snowing where i come from usually before t-giving.) in south africa, autumn (if you perceive an autumn) is may-ish, but that's another matter... lynne -- M. Lynne Murphy Assistant Professor in Linguistics Department of English Baylor University PO Box 97404 Waco, TX 76798