Date: Thu, 21 Aug 1997 12:05:25 -0500 From: "Emerson, Jessie J" Subject: Re: Wind-chill factor I checked the AP Manual of Style (mine's old--from 1987) and it lists "wind chill index" no hyphen, also known as "wind chill factor" no hyphen. Does anyone have a more recent edition? Now that I think about it, I believe I've also seen "windchill" as one word in some reports. Any references on that? ----- > OED2 quotes the Clark Univ. dissertation where w-c (not w.c.!) was > coined in > 1939; "w-c factor" is cited from 1949. I was interested in weather as > a > child and recall hearing "w-c f" on northern-US weather reports in the > late > 60s. OED has citations from the UK, including one from 1985 when the > BBC > began including w-c in weather reports. Maybe plain "w-c" is a > shortening > due to frequent use in such reports (though "w-c" alone is already > attested > in the 1939 dissertation where it was coined). > >