Date: Wed, 6 Aug 1997 16:39:24 -0400 From: Beverly Flanigan Subject: Re: Garcia (Marquez) Ah, but note that Eric (or Eirikur) Ericsson and his sister Ericsdottir are never surnamed after their mother (unlike the very nice Spanish system). So one must still trace ancestry through the males in the family, as I did last summer in Sweden: Olof Larsson and his wife Stina ? begat Lars Gustaf Olofsson, who begat Frans Gustafsson (Swedes like to go by their middle names), etc.; but Gustaf's sister was Sara Lisa Olofsdottir, not Stinasdottir, and when she married Jonas Johannesson their son was named Gustaf Jonasson, not Lisasson. My grandfather the immigrant, born Jonas Peter Olofsson, became simply John Olson in this country--but that was no less confusing for the postal system in Minnesota! Beverly Olson, now Flanigan--an equally confusing, and usually misspelled, name.