Date: Tue, 5 Aug 1997 12:13:41 -0500 From: Jonathan Gilbert Subject: Collected responses to question Thanks to all who responded with suggestions of words for the situation where a word becomes interchangeable with another, usually different word. One of you suggested that I collect the responses and post them to the list(s) ... so here you are. Most responses suggested what were really similar or related phenomena: jargon, slang, argot, hidden or secret language, private speech, semantic drift or semantic shift, and metonymy (good suggestion). A few "unofficial" but descriptive phrases were suggested: "contextual synonymy" and "is synonymous with the usual meaning of ..." And finally, the verbs (a verb was really what my friend who originally posed me the question was looking for) "collapse", "confuse", and "conflate". My friend decided that "conflate" was the word she needed, meaning "to put two things together so that they form one unit." Thanks again to all; we're both quite impressed by how much response the question has generated! Jonathan Gilbert JonG[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]