Date: Thu, 31 Aug 1995 23:38:27 EDT From: Larry Horn Subject: Re: ADS-ANS deadline September 1 Well, since I started this: if you don't have access to a file server, or some other site that might have UULite or a similar decoding program, all this may be irrelevant. If you can get your (computer's) hands on a copy of such a program, you just need to save the offending message onto your disk (however you usually do that) and then when you're using the UULite or whatever, just find that file. If you don't download mail messages (in my system, such downloaded messages are automatically saved as TeachText files, but can also be opened with Word), this is again irrelevant, since UULite won't apply until you've created a file to decode. It probably doesn't make sense to go into detail on downloading mail messages, since I think each system has its own quirks and customs. As to why anyone sending a message would send it in a uueoncoded format, I'm afraid I haven't figured that one out. I suppose it's because they can, but somehow that answer isn't fully satisfactory. Larry