Date: Thu, 31 Aug 1995 22:24:34 EDT From: Larry Horn Subject: Re: ADS-ANS deadline September 1 For Bethany and anyone else-- If in saying you don't use a PC you mean you use a Mac rather than that you don't use a personal computer of any brand ("PC" is one of those wonderful autohyponyms bequeathed to us by the march of technology, like "xeroxed" or "thermos" or "scotch tape"), you could do what I did, which is download a program called UULite from your university file server. It lets you merge one or more uuencoded files and decode the result into a format that can then be opened by your usual word processing software (MS Word or whatever). I have that program on my hard disk at work, but I confess the title of this particular message was not one that prompted me to use the software on it. If nobody beats me to the punch, I'll be happy to decode the message and post the readable version tomorrow afternoon. Larry