Date: Tue, 8 Aug 1995 11:48:40 EDT From: Larry Horn Subject: Keep those e-mails coming in (interim report) I thought I'd collect a few more intuitions before reporting them to the Times (again, for anyone who needs to be urged, you can participate in the survey or "e-mail contest", as they call it, by writing directing to them at mediabiz[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] So far, the majority shares my conservative dialect in which e-mail is a mass noun or verb but not a count noun. (Incidentally, in response to Bethany and I think someone else, I'd argue that in "an e-mail message", 'e-mail' is not an adjective but a noun within a noun-noun compound, exactly as 'water' in "water torture" or 'milk' in "a milk bath". There's little evidence if any that such modifiers are adjectives, although they cer- tainly share semantic and syntactic properties with adjectives. But then so do PPs as in "an in-your-face response". Pre-nominal modifer, si; adjective, no.) There are several respondents who do use 'e-mail' as a count noun, in- cluding one who uses it as such in the singular only. (Creeping counthood.) Larry