Date: Mon, 7 Aug 1995 23:40:10 EDT From: Larry Horn Subject: Counting those e-mails ADS-ers may be interested in participating in, or at least hearing about, an ongoing collection of submissions to the New York Times on the topic: Is "an E-mail" acceptable usage? --as in "I'll send you an E-mail". The context of the article on the topic in today's Times (p. D4) makes it clear that (i) they're not interested in capitalization or hyphenization as parameters of variation, and (ii) they really do want electronic mail users to contribute their intuitions on whether they would use 'e-mail' as a count noun, although that terminology appears to be too technical for the Times staffers. Myself, I feel a bit mixed, since my stomach turns at the prescriptivist bias on the part of some of the quoted respondents (or of the tone of the article, whose text begins "Hip lingo, or corruption of the mother tongue--as if the two options were mutually exhaustive). At the same time, I really don't use 'e-mail' as a count noun. Do y'all? Larry