Date: Sat, 5 Aug 1995 19:52:27 -0400 From: John J Staczek Subject: Re: Canker sores and egg creams In Toledo, Ohio, post-1943, my YOB, it was definitely 'cold sores' for the outside, also 'fever blisters'; it was 'canker sores' on the inside. I did hear 'mouth ulcers' but thought it more technical. Re the 'monkey blood', i don't recall it, though our hierarchy at home for the remedies for cuts and such was: iodine, merthiolate, and mercurochrome, in descending order of OUCH. ********************************************************************** John J Staczek * Phone: 202.687.5741 Dept of Linguistics * Fax: 301.469.9196 Georgetown University * Internet: camjon[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] Washington DC 20057 * Home: 301.469.9196 **********************************************************************