Date: Fri, 4 Aug 1995 08:56:08 -0700 From: Dan Alford Subject: Re: monkey blood Wow. Words can sometimes take you on an instant age-regression trip! Yes, indeed -- growing up in Los Angeles (Wilmington) in the late '40s and the '50s, "monkey blood" was frequently applied to my boyhood wounds. And I think it was an internal family word, rather than a neighborhood-at-large word, so that moves its roots back into Arkansas (mother < Baxter County, father < Malvern). On Mon, 31 Jul 1995, Joan Hall wrote: > Does anyone know the term "monkey blood" referring to Mercurochrome, > Merthiolate, or iodine? If so, please say when and where. Thanks. > > Joan Hall, DARE > jdhall[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] >