Date: Wed, 24 Aug 1994 12:39:00 CDT From: Edward Callary Subject: that's all folks In my best Pennsylvania German, 'The books are all.' For a while there this morning, I thought you loved me for myself; never have I gotten so much e-mail in three hours. The like of it! I was happy to oblige - and to clear off one of my shelves at least. There is still one way, though, you can avail yourself of all the interesting onomastica that you are currently missing. Join the American Name Society! Dues are STILL ONLY $25 per year and yes you can join now for 95 and get a few 94 issues to boot, for lagniappe, etc. If you would like a membership form, or a FREE sample copy of NAMES, the journal of the ANS, drop me an e- message at TB0EXC1[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] (make sure that't TBzero and not the letter o with your s-mail address and I will send one off to you. Cheers Edward Callary, Editor, NAMES