Date: Thu, 11 Aug 1994 08:41:33 EDT From: Wayne Glowka Subject: Re: Your male and female type cats I am saving everybody's cattish remarks. Let me, however, provide some clarification. My mother-in-law's practice does not use "she" for all cats. Male cats are inevitably referred to with "she," but female cats are referred to as "he." I'll have to listen, but I think that she may do the same thing with other animals. My wife, by the way, insists that her mother also inverts the gender of pronouns with her own cats, not just ours. I guess that I am learning that pronoun use for animals is fairly complex. One note: despite joking remarks to the contrary, neutered male cats are still fairly masculine in their behavior. They may not spray or stray, but they put on shows of dominance and even attempt mounting. I've got two neutered male cats, and they are extremely hard to live with--they are demanding, needy, willful, and violent. The same thing could probably be said of me, I don't know. Wayne Glowka Professor of English Director of Research and Graduate Student Services Georgia College Milledgeville, GA 31061 912-453-4222 wglowka[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]