Date: Tue, 3 Aug 1993 00:14:19 -0400 From: David Heap Subject: atlas software? My current research into Romance clitic clusters will involve setting up a database of forms drawn primarily from linguistic atlases of France, Italy, Spain etc. I am presently having some difficulty in deciding on a software package which suits my needs. Ideally, I would like to be able to design a database that allows me to enter and process largish amounts of heterogenous and variable data, and then display the results in ways that allow me to draw both geolinguistic generalizations (which clitics occur where etc.) and morphosyntactic generalizations (what clusters occur in which positions etc.). My statistical needs are fairly basic, and there are no sociolinguistic variables (apart from location) to factor in. Right now, I am trying to evaluate the following choices: 1. Database packages designed for social scientists (SAS, Systat etc.), which have far more sophisticated statistical capacities than I foresee needing, but which do allow rather easily for redisplaying results on geographic maps. 2. Commercial database packages (Quatro, Paradox, etc.), which seem rather simpler to get up and running, but which do not provide in any obvious way to display results on maps. I have also seen a few references to G[eographic] I[nformation] S[ystems], but at this point, it is not quite clear to me what sorts of databases they can use as input. Any comments on these choices? What about other options which I haven't mentioned (I'm sure these are at least as numerous)? Or a combination of approaches? I apologize if this query sounds like reinventing the methodological wheel; I need to make a fairly firm decision before the end of August. Any other practical information about Romance dialectology, particularly in Spain, would be greatly appreciated. Please reply to me personally, since I may have to set my subscription to NOMAIL in the near future; I will post a summary eventually if there is enough interest. Many thanks in advance, David Heap University of Toronto heap[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] Date: Wed, 4 Aug 1993 10:02:00 GMT From: ENG0997[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]VAX2.QUEENS-BELFAST.AC.UK Subject: Re: atlas software? See: J.M. kirk and W.A. Kretzschmar, Jr. 'Interactive Linguistic Mapping of Dialect Features', in Literary and Linguistic Computing, vol. 7, no. 3, 1992, pp. 168-175 and Vol. 1 of the Proceedings of the International Congress of Dialectologists, Bamberg, 29.7-4.8.1990, edited by W. Viereck (ZDL Beiheft 74), especially paper be Hans Geisler for Romance Languages John Kirk The Queen's University of Belfast ENG0997[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]QUB.AC.UK .