Date: Wed, 27 Aug 1997 14:22:00 +0000

From: Lynne Murphy M_Lynne_Murphy[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]BAYLOR.EDU

Subject: Re: squires

barbara harris wrote:

my (English) father told me

that any male under the age of twelve should be addressed on an envelope as


i learned this as well, but probably from my grandparents.

that's it. By the way, BCTV has a sports announcer called Squire Barnes,

apparently his real name!

south africa is great for such names. there's a soccer star named

doctor khumalo, various people named 'prince' 'princess' 'chief, and

i've even heard of a 'professor' (but never a 'president'). i had a

student whose name was "wonderboy doctor xxxx" (can't remember the

last name--it didn't measure up to the first two). at the last

graduation ceremony i attended there, he was graduated "with

distinction". i was trying to figure out how he did that when he

never came to class or handed in assignments. i can only figure that

it was his name.



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