Date: Tue, 26 Aug 1997 09:00:38 +0000

From: David Bergdahl bergdahl[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]OAK.CATS.OHIOU.EDU

Subject: Re: "Gay Head" in Scholastic Magazine

Barry A. Popik wrote:

I'm in the last stages of selling my parent's house, and all of my

college textbooks and other old books are being tossed or donated. I came

across a book in my sister's room that was, well, queer:

DEAR GAY HEAD (Questions from the Mail Box answered by GAY HEAD), Scholastic

Book Services, NY, 1958. Cover illustration--a mailbox with letters

addressed "GAY HEAD, N. Y. C."

"Gay Head" gave teen dating advice in the Scholastic Magazines (which

were then very popular). The intro reads:

"Letters--We Get Letters!"

Yes, we get bags and bags of letters, asking questions about all the

things that bother young people today.

The "Letters--We Get Letters!" is an allusion to the Perry Como tv show

which was on in the mid-to-late '50s.


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