Date: Thu, 21 Aug 1997 10:03:37 -0500


Subject: Re: Quebec English

"Wind-chill factor", distinctively Canadian? Eh, no!

Ingrid Peritz's article on Quebec English and Canadian English, quoted by

Dan Goodman, includes the paragraph (apparently based on the _Guide

to Canadian English Usage_)

While anglo Quebecers have expressions to call their own, so do all

English Canadians. From hosers to loonies, sovereignists to tuques,

pogey to baby bonus to wind-chill factor, Canadians use a variety of

English distinct from British or American English.

"Wind-chill factor" has been a part of my regular vocabulary for many

years (Northeast US all my life, except for 7 years in Berkeley). I don't

see how Dan can have missed that. At first I thought he might be from

Dallas or Atlanta or some place where the number is never used, but


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