Date: Wed, 20 Aug 1997 09:12:36 -0700

From: Peter Richardson prichard[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]LINFIELD.EDU

Subject: thanks

To Bill Spruiell, Ditra Henry, Bethany Dumas, and a few others who

responded to my "plea for advice" last April 17th: Thanks very much for

your help. I was asking for suggestions for texts to use in a freshman

composition course called "Language Matters," one that obviously is to

deal with linguistic topics, but offer a good solid dose of writing


For this round, I've decided to use Bill Bryson's lively _Made in America_

and to supplement it with a packet of duplicated materials ranging from

Kurath's Word Geography to the Encycl. of Southern Culture. Add "American

Tongues" and snippets from the tripartite Human Language Series videos,

and I think we'll be all set for an interesting term. I should add that I

have gleaned some excellent ideas from _Language Variation in North

American English_ by A. Wayne Glowka and Donald M. Lance (NY: MLA, 1993).

It's a crackerjack piece of work, ideal for this project. So a tip of the

hat goes to all who contributed to that volume as well.

Peter Richardson