One more try at the origin of baseball's "Subway Series" (Yankees vs.

Mets or Dodgers or Giants). The only other source (besides the NYPL) for the

Subway Sun is the MTA.

The MTA's new motto is "Going Your Way." (This assumes, of course, that

you're not going straight to hell.) HBO ran "Subway Stories" last Sunday.

In today's New York Times, pg. B9, cols. 5-6, "On Baseball" by Murray Chass,

"This Could Be It For Yanks-Mets Finale," it begins "About that Subway


I called the Transit Museum, but the number was disconnected. I called

the MTA number, but it was busy. I called again later, and it was still

busy. I called again later, and I got a 20-minute recorded announcement for

the Metrocard. The MTA person told me I'd have to call the Transit Museum,

and I got the new number. The Museum's open six days, but yesterday was

Monday, and they were closed.

I called again today, and got bounced around twice.

"We have the Subway Sun. We have all of them. They're billboards that

were put up in the subway cars."


"You'll have to schedule an appointment. But you can't do that for six


Six weeks??

"Our archivist left in July. We have to hire another archivist. No one

can have access until we hire an archivist by late September."