Date: Mon, 18 Aug 1997 12:05:42 PDT


Subject: Re: More on Monty

Re "The Full Monty," the etymology quoted by Larry Horn makes perfect sense to

me. I once, as a child, saw Montgomery in person, and seem to remember that

the regalia included an ascot rather than a four-in-hand tie. I don't think

there were medals, just ribbons, as it was not a ceremonial occasion, but the

swagger stick was certainly there,

As further evidence of this sort of usage, a few years ago some of the more

sophisticated (in their opinion) Members of the (British Columbia) Legislative

Assembly criticized their fellow MLAs who came from more remote areas of the

province for wearing a form of summer apparel they call "full Nanaimos" --

Nanaimo being a city on Vancouver Island a two-hour drive north of Victoria

(the capital). "Full Nanaimos" consisted of light-coloured trousers, a bright

shirt (usually patterned), and, the trademark items, white buck shoes and a

wide white belt.

Are there any other examples of "[the] full _______" used this way?