N.Y.P.L., again

Naomi Sims, perhaps the first "supermodel" (Vogue called her that in

1972) left her papers to the New York Public Library.

She's a black model. Books on most of the other "supermodels" are

downtown, unless they're actresses (which means the books are in Lincoln

Center), or black (which means the books are at the Schomburg Center in

Harlem). I know these centers are helpful, but the NYPL is a real pain in

the ass.

I went to the Schomburg Center for the Naomi Sims papers. She left six

boxes of stuff. Clearly, worth a special trip, until--

"These books are in Iron Mountain. You'll have to come back in 48



"We don't have space. You can call first before you come. We have a

book request from Friday that still didn't arrive."

But if I can't come back on Wednesday, would they hold it for a

week...you see, I might want to have a life.

"They'll be here on Wednesday," the librarian said.