A recent movie was titled FACE/OFF.

I found some stuff about this on my way to "supermodel." Vogue for 1

November 1971, pg. 68, col. 3, has an ad for a product called "FACE-LIFT."

Vogue for 15 September 1971, pg. 115+, has an article

"FACE-LIFTS/when?...how?...if?" by Simona Morini. She credits Dr. Charles

Conrad Miller of Chicago for giving the first "face-lift" in the early 1900s.

In 1912, a Madame le Docteur A. Noel of Paris noticed this and began giving

face-lifts in Europe.

An article in the New Republic, 25 November 1931, pg. 40, col. 1,

"Beauty for Sale," begins: "BEFORE an audience of fifteen hundred women in

the Grand Ballroom of the Pennsylvania Hotel in New York City, a plastic

surgeon performed what was described in the newspapers as 'the first public

face-lifting operation on record.'"

OED has 1934 for "face-lift" and 1922 for "face-lifting." It appears

to be way off the mark on both entries.