I'll never trust Howard Stern on etymology again.

Here goes:

30 June 1972, LIFE, pg. 73, cols. 1-4.

"The many faces of the No. 1 model in the world."

Evelyn Kuhn is "the highest-paid model in the world," but NO


17 August 1975, NY TIMES MAGAZINE, pg. 12, cols. 1-2.

"'I'm the biggest model, period'/Great face, great figure, great

personality, the supergirl next door insists she's more than just the biggest

_black_ model in the business."

Alas, Beverly Johnson is merely "supergirl." She states that she aspires

to become a "millionette."

30 June 1975, NEWSWEEK, pg. 41, col. 2.

"Supermodel _Margaux Hemingway_...."

3 November 1975, NEWSWEEK, pg. 46, col. 1.

"A 6-foot 1-inch supermodel shouldn't have to go to such lengths to stop

traffic, so what was fashion star _Veruschka_ up to, perched on a chair in

the middle of Manhattan's Fifth Avenue...."

13 March 1978, NEWSWEEK, pg. 57, col. 3.

"But others see Shelley (Hack) up there with the supermodels, and

Columbia Pictures has decided a pinup poster is in order."

10 April 1978, NEWSWEEK, pg. 3, col. 2.

"Supermodel Matt Collins." The story on page 104 has "Such supermodels

as the sultry, sunken-cheeked Matt Collins."

On a page 61 story about Mariel Hemingway, "Now it's her All-American

wholesomeness that convinces photographer Patrick Demarchelier that it's


24 April 1978, NEWSWEEK, pg. 73, col. 3.

"Supermodel Pat Cleveland...."

28 May 1979, NEWSWEEK, pg. 65, col. 2.

"...supermodel Cheryl Tiegs..."

For some reason, "supermodel" was in Newsweek's stylebook, and not other

magazines such as Time or People.

More checking found this:

Naomi Sims: Super Model

Vogue 159:122-5 June 1972

I was in New City today to speak with an accountant for my family's

estate, and I visited the New City Public Library. They didn't have Vogue

for 1972, but the Finkelstein Public Library in Spring Valley had Vogue from


I drove to the family house in Spring Valley, and then the library.

Vogue wasn't on microfilm--they still had the actual copies!

The kid came back with the slip. It was that long, familiar walk, with

my library request slip in his hands.

"Not on shelf."

They knew I was coming.