Britcom=British comedy.

Sitcom=Situation comedy.

Computers have made this a bit interesting. You can go to

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Technologies people who cloned Dolly.

I haven't seen Britcom in some books of words, but fans of TNT (that

would be Turner Network Television) know that he was running "Brit-coms"

every Friday in July.

I thought Newsday's Marvin Kitman invented this in the 1980s, but Nexis

came up with an earlier citation from another newspaper.

Britcom is also the name of a telecommunications company.

OED has 1964 for "sitcom" and the TV GUIDE for 23 October 1953 for

"situation comedy." With little effort, I found August 1953, THEATRE ARTS,

pages 90-91, "Situation Comedy--or Situation Wanted?"