LABELS FOR LOCALS/What to Call People from Abilene to Zimbabwe by Paul


"Hey, you!" Works for me.

Missouri, let's see, Show Me, "The late speaker Champ Clark credited

Vandiver with originating the expression in an impromptu address as a member

of Congress before the Five O'Clock Club in Philadelphia in 1899." O. K., I

did this recently; can't fault him.

New York, New York, "The city is nicknamed the _Big Apple_, a term that

etymologist David Shulman traces back to 1909." I did this five years ago.

Oh well.

There's a large section on Hoosier. "In any event, _Hoosier_ has a long

history. Its first literary appearance was in the _Indianapolis Journal_ on

January 1, 1833." No, not at all!! I did a large posting on this January 1,


Usonia is "Name for a future Utopian America populated by _Usonians_.

The name was borrowed from Samuel Butler by architect Frank Lloyd Wright,

who used it to describe his perfect house, 'The Usonia.'" Why not also give

USONA=United States of North America? I have a big USONIA/USONA file in my

America Papers.

Utopia is on the cover, and he manages to screw this entry also by

stating simply that it is a "generic term" from Sir Thomas More's book.

Moving on to another entry....