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Subject: good story re /mVt/(fwd)

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Date: Thu, 31 Jul 1997 17:03:11 -0700

From: Alan Harrison j9470388[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]

Which reminds me of the tale of the man walking down the canal bank (the

cut-bonk in the vernacular), when he sees a child crying (blartin' in

the vernacular). Says the would-be Good Samaritan, "Why'm yoh blartin',


The child responds, "Me mate's fell in the cut." At this, our hero tears

off his jacket and boots and dives into the not exactly limpid waters of

the Birmingham Canal Navigation. He finds the usual stuff, old bike

frames, dead dogs, etcetera, but no drowning child. Coming up,

spluttering, he asks, "Wheer exackly did 'e fall in the cut?" At this

point the penny drops with the child, who has stopped crying and is

gazing at the rescuer in amazement: "Naow, mate, not that sort o' mate -

the mate off me sandwich."

Alan Harrison