Date: Fri, 11 Aug 1995 13:30:30 PDT

From: tom creswell creswell[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]CROWN.NET

Subject: snake doctors and such

When I read Terry Lynn Irons' message, I happened to be about to confer with

Virginia McDavid about some work we are doing. She was kind enough

to consult her photocopied records and provide the following information.

"In North Central Record 184.1 from Leslie City, Ky, the difficult-to-read entry is

_mole cricket_. It is not a lexical variant of _devil's darning needle_. It is the

name of another creature

"A _devil's horse_ is a big glack grasshopper with red wings. It is not a dragon-


Hope this information will be helpful.

Tom Creswell