Date: Fri, 4 Aug 1995 10:39:57 CDT


Subject: Re: monkey blood

According to my Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary, 'canker sore' is

"a lay term for apthous stomatitis." Stomatitis is "inflammation of the

mouth." s., apthous refers to those sores inside the mouth that are

also sometimes called (in lay terms) mouth ulcers. Herpetic stomatitis

is "characterized by cold sores (fever blisters)." I get both kinds,

usually when I've eaten lots of rich food. Sometimes when I'm under

stress. My theory, from experience and from doctors' resposes, is that

my body harbors herpes simplex (but, fortunately,not the other herpes),

and under certain conditions my immune system can't keep the critter at

bay. My solution isn't Wayne Glowka's father's; I take one or two

1000mg tablets of Lysine-L a couple of times a day, preferably on an

empty stomach. Gets rid of 'em faster'n anything else. Effective with

fever blisters too. In some recent family history research I've found

out that my great-great-grandmother (maternal) was a herb doctor, so

I s'pose I'm not too far out of line in generating this posting. DMLance