Date: Thu, 25 Aug 1994 09:37:32 EDT


Subject: Re: ADS-L Digest - 23 Aug 1994 to 24 Aug 1994

From: Judith Rascoe boise[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]WELL.SF.CA.US

"Racist term" seems like a useful phrase, defined as an insulting epithet

used by a member of one race or ethnic group to refer disparagingly to a

member of another group. In this sense I guess "poor white trash" is only a

'racist term' when the speaker is non-white. But I also agree that the

PWT is not racist per se since it is also often used by high-status

whites talking about low-status whites.

I think Judith is right on target here. Consider the use of "nigger."

Usually, it is not considered racist when used by one African-American

speaking to or about another African-American. When used by a someone

from another race, however, the term is generally interpreted as a

racist slur.