Date: Wed, 24 Aug 1994 14:52:00 EST


Subject: Southern stigma

I know this is a bit outdated but I jsut read the discussion on the SOuthern

accents and I noticed something along these lines yesterday. A friend of mine

here in Indiana is from North Carolina and has "lost" his accent on purpose--

he worked in New York City for awhile and maybe that's when he decided it

was bad or something. Anyhow, today at age 30 he doesn't sound Southern at

all--only on words like 'umbrella' or 'insurance'--but I have noticed when he

wants to sound dumb or slow he assumes his native accent, or what I think is

his native accent. Just yesterday when we were (jokingly) pretending how

we wuld confuse freshmen if they asked for directions he used the 'hick'

accent and said "mebbe it's down over there aways".

Just something I noticed,



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